The camera application with powerful editing and image enhancing tools onboard was designed and developed solely by Artua.


Система Orphus
Interface design - Camera features
iPhone App design - Camera screen
Capture your best moments with this advanced camera app. Even when it was developed back in 2012, just when the iOS6 and iOS7 were available, it had many more features than the standard camera application of its time.
User interface - Tools design
A Wide Range
of Tools
The toolbox contains all the standard editing tools that can be found in professional image editing desktop applications like Adobe LightRoom: Brightness, Contrast with the ability to auto adjust, Exposure, Three-channel levels, Photo-filters and B&W effects, Sharpness and Blur, and Crop and Image Resize.
Pictograph design - BW filter


Pictograph design - Photo filter

Photo Filter

Pictograph design - Detail


Pictograph design - Crop


Pictograph design - Adjust

Auto Adjust

Pictograph design - Saturation


Pictograph design - Brightness


Pictograph - Contrast


Artistic Effects
With the power of modern the GPU found in many popular smartphones and tons of mathematics, we’ve created artistic effects to clean the face on photos, to make a photo cartoonish or look like it was even painted by Van Gogh!
GUI Development - Furry filter
Cartoon filter result
Cartoon filter result
UX Design - Selective Adjust
Want to add some style?
Use HDR feature! Not quite satisfied? Use Selective Adjust feature to choose a region and fix them by using filters locally.
HDR before
HDR after
iOS Design - Frames screen
Combine your greatest photos!!
Soort also have a Frames feature designed to simply compose your photos in a pre-defined or in a completely custom way – in a self-intuitive way.
Frames sample
Frames sample
GUI Design - shape instrument
The Shape instrument
The Shape instrument developed to let you craft a birthday card from your friend’s photo in various designed shapes. Customize them!
Shape sample
Shape sample
Say the word!
Say the word with the Text instrument, it was developed so you can add a greeting to your just created birthday card. Choose a font style and size, combine them, add effects to your text. All these powerful features were developed by Artua in the times no other app had them!
Pictograph design - Leading
Pictograph design - Leading
Pictograph design - Kerning
Pictograph design - Kerning
Pictograph design - Align Left
Pictograph design - Align Center
Pictograph design - Align Right
Pictograph design - Text BG
App Design - Text instrument
Add some fun!
Add some fun to your just crafted cards with the Stickers instrument: select from mustache, whisker, or eyeglasses designed by Artua's artists! Get more of these from free or commercially available packs as in-app purchase.
Interface design - Stickers instrument
Share your creations!
Do you love your just created your birthday card? Share it on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or Tumblr - and all within the same application!!
UI Design pattern - Sharing
An advanced Sticker Studio
An advanced Sticker Studio was designed and developed by Artua, where you can cut pieces from your existing photos or screen captures and then use them as stickers, with advanced UX designed to run on your mobile device!
UX Design - Sticker Studio
UX Design - Sticker Studio
We are so sorry, what the client decided to stop selling this beautiful application, but anyway we like this project very much, it gives us a strong experience in development of graphics editing applications, GPU processing and feature-rich UX prototyping and development.