Interface design for a secure browser for iOS for those who prefer to make payments online.


Система Orphus
iPhone App design - Browser screen
iPhone App design - Browser screen

Its own browser

The main goal of the application is to allow user to securely open links in its own browser, without using the standard Safari application.

Checking problems

Before opening any URL, the application make a few verification procedures, like if the Wi-Fi spot is reliable or if there is a Jailbreak on the devices, and if any of them fail, the link will not open.

User interface - Checking Problems

Keep and edit

The application keeps a list of reliable Wi-Fi spots and secured URLs which is easy accessible by the user and can be edited at any time.

Interface Design - Access Guide
Interface Design - Safe AP

Make it simple

The browser itself is rather simple and straightforward compared to Safari. Its main mission is to make the user feel safe!

UI Design - iPad Browser

Born to be free

This is one of the projects where we had complete freedom, so we could express our vision of how a secure app should look.

UI Design - iPad Access Guide