Altium Cloud rider

Altium, a huge software developer, decided to introduce Cloud Rider – a new trademark for the Chinese market. One of the first products under this mark would be a smart house application.


Система Orphus
iPhone App Design - Cloud Rider
A Wide Range of Devices Available
Like other applications with similar features, this one should have control over most devices and systems in an apartment. Our task was to group them together in an app in such a way that’s easy to navigate. A set of pictograms was designed for the device.
Pictograph design - Washing Machine
Pictograph design - Lamp
Pictograph design - Floor Lamp
Pictograph design - TV Set
Pictograph design - Fan
User interface - Kitchen
Detailed Statistics
Application users get quick access to various statistics. Should you want to know your monthly electricity consumption, easy and intuitive statistics give you what you need in a second.
Mobile Application design - Statistics screen
Flexible Device Rules
Settings let you have control over many aspects. For example, you can set one controller for a whole room, so turning off bedroom button will turn off all the devices there.
UI Design - Settings screen
Intuitive Interface
The client gave us a lot of freedom in this project, so the final result is much different from the initial drafts. We have simplified the UX, making it sleek and intuitive.
iPhone app design - Rates screen
iPhone app design - Settings
iPhone app design - Washing machine stats
iPhone app design - Device code
iPhone app design - Washing machine settings
iPhone app design - Settings