It isn’t every day that you get an opportunity to work on the design of an operation system, but one day we were approached to design FanOS.


Система Orphus
Graphical user interface - Challenge
In this project, the Artua team had to deal with totally new UI challenges such as redesigned Android elements like Status Bar. Hundreds of hours went into: researching and developing the best UI solutions, tons of designed icons and illustrations, and endless internal meetings and discussions with the client. It was an interesting and exciting challenge.
Icons design - Album
Icons design - Clock
Icons design - Contacts
Icons design - E-mail
Icons design - Notes
Icons design - Recorder
Icons design - To-do
To Do
Icons design - Videos
Icons design - Weather
App design - Various applications
Various applications
Application allows many interesting features. Let’s take a look at the most interesting of them:
App design - E-learning
This feature is about distance learning and remote teaching. E-Learning manages lessons and online sessions between teachers and students across distances. It’s easy and it’s interactive.
App design - Board
The main tool for E-Learning is the Board App, which allows live sharing between teacher and students. Board App was designed to be a realistic simulation of a real life board where many real-life operations can be done, such as writing texts, drawing, etc.
Icons design - Ruler
Icons design - Marker
Icons design - Eraser
Icons design - Color Switch
Icons design - Round Brush
Icons design - Pencil
Icons design - Flat brush
Icons design - Text
App design - Browser
The next interesting feature of FanOS is called the Browsery Tool. Basically it’s an internet browser app, but that’s just at first sight. The Browsery Tool is a safe environment app designed for safely surfing the internet by children. It’s also a very useful app to access resources and references over the internet directly by category during lessons.
App design - App Store
App Store
Please welcome the FanStore which is a huge platform that provides FanOS products, as well as all popular apps for Android. A wonderful and distinctive design, good user experience, and easy-to-use friendly store was designed to suit all types of users.
Graphical user interface - Information on hand
Information on hand
See the full information and features of this app to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Browse, choose and install what you need immediately!
Share with your friends or check what they have on their own FanOS devices to share with you.
App design - Control Panel
Control Panel
The Control Panel is an application that was designed especially for parents to control their kid’s use of the device. The Advanced Control Panel can be installed on a wide range of devices such as iOS, Android and even Desktop and MacOS.
Intuitive interface
It was a big challenge for the UI-department of our team, because initially, we only had the idea, so we had to proceed step by step from the initial wireframes, to a fully designed application.
Graphical user interface - Intuitive interface
App design - School App
School section:
Artua team designed an app which can be totally managed and controlled by the school. With a native School App, the whole process is managed easily between admin, supervisors, teachers, students and even parents.
Graphical user interface - School management system
Management system
We designed a school management system that can manage the whole school process. It enhances the engagement between students and school staff. It was a big challenge, but also an invaluable experience, and the client was really happy with the finished product.
Icons design - Cube
Icons design - Enveloppe
Icons design - Case
Icons design - Board
Icons design - Open enveloppe
Icons design - Users
Icons design - Tablet
Icons design - Calendar
Icons design - Notebook
Icons design - Schedule
Icons design - Tie
Icons design - Check
The first one
FanOS is the first operation system of its kind in the Middle East. Initially it was developed for tablets to be used in educational institutions in Saudi Arabia, but after the presentation, other countries of the region got interested in it as well.
Watch the keynote
Especially for FanOS presentation there was a keynote. We assisted the client with it, and designed all the slides with infographics and other information for potential investors. It's available on YouTube just in case you’d like to see it!