In this project, we were helping children to learn Bible. We designed a big set of images to illustrate the Bible stories book.


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Graphic design illustration - Rescued
Since the book is for kids

The set covers almost all meaningful events described in the Bible, starting from Creation up to the Ascension of Jesus.

Since the book is for kids, we picked a cartoonish and slightly humorous style. To be honest, the Bible is a serious book and contains some harsh moments, but let’s not forget that our book was for children though!

Graphic design illustration - Book for kids
Fun and
Exciting Story
The idea was to create a fun and exciting story, which will be an introduction into the whole theme. That’s why in our book, some characters and situations are illustrated with comical elements.
Graphic design illustration - Fun and exciting story
Here is a part of the David and Goliath scene. Goliath looks really menacing here, doesn’t he?!
Graphic design illustration - David and Goliath
Run away, run away! Hurry up, David, save us all!!
Graphic design illustration - Run away
Graphic design illustration - Moses
Remembering being a kid!
It's was great fun to design these illustrations, converting the main stories of the world’s biggest religion into fun and exciting images for those who are just starting to go to school. It was like trying to remember when you were a kid.
Graphic design illustration - Being a kid