The app was already rather successful but the task was to bring it to the new level, making the new great looking design for it.


Система Orphus

Pictograph - briefcase Projects

The application allows to control own life by using tasks, projects and checklists.

Pictograph - list List

2Do can organise all your tasks and projects together creating multiple lists.
Graphical User Interface - All tasks

Pictograph - batch Batch Scheduling

It allows to batch schedule multiple tasks in one go by just drag and drop.

Pictograph - quick Quick Find

2Do allows to quickly add tasks one after another from anywhere even if the app isn't running in the background.
Graphical User Interface - Tags

Pictograph - tags Tags

Tags can be easily managed, assigned and quickly found.

Pictograph - lists Smart Lists

User can create special lists which will allow to save time finding the specific tasks.
Application Design - Search results
Application Design - Task properties

Slowly but surely, retina display is becoming part of our lives. One of our tasks was to create a high resolution version which will look crisp and clean on a 4K screen.

App Icon Sketches

App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch
App icon - sketch

In addition to the UI, we needed to design a new icon as well. We didn’t want to forget the main purpose of this app, so we decided that a checkmark must be in the icon. Several versions were proposed until a final one was chosen.

It makes us proud that the app we created the design for, became one of the best in the Mac App Store in 2013. Taking into account that 99% of the functionality remained the same as compared with the old version, we can say with confidence that we are a good and important part of this app's success!
Application icon - final