The sequel of the popular cartoon movie was still in production when Artua was approached to design a game based on its theme.

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The game itself is a classic Tower Defence. In the game your goal is to protect your tower from the enemy units. You send your own soldiers to face the enemy on the battlefield.

The Map

The game map went its way from pencil sketches up to detailed map with various locations. Those locations were inspired by both parts of the movie actually.
There a lot of levels in the application and each level has its own design, all these levels are making map really huge.

Battle Arena

The background of the battle area is the only thing which was provided. Here at Artua we have designed every aspect of user interface and fulfill the new world created with a fighting characters of various kinds and skills.
Battle Arena

Plenty of Characters

This was a tricky part of the entire project. Obviously tower defense game requires a lot of characters to stay cool and diverse, we just need different soldiers with various skills on both sides of combat.

Plenty of Characters

However even two movies didn’t have enough actors to fulfill the valid army of soldiers. So the task had two parts first and easier one - to design soldiers using existing movie characters and second challenging one - to create the new ones from scratch.

We have watched the movie dozen of times not to miss a single character, but anyway a lot of personas were invented by Artua’s artists. Basically almost the half of all in game characters did not exist before the game and were designed by designers here in Artua. Should we propose Sony to include them in next movie? :)

Mavis’ Friends

The tower is defended by Mavis and her friends. Each of the main characters has it’s own squad of brave soldiers of the same race. We have designed these mummies so you wouldn’t mess with Murray! Their own squads were also created for other tower defenders, check them all - they’re cute!

Tough UI Challenge

This part went not very smooth to be honest. The first version was finally rejected by Sony as not detailed and skeuomorphic enough. So we had to remember good old days when flat trend did not rule the graphic world. We have designed embossed and reach of details interface and fitted it in the overall game style.

Beautiful Icons

The interface has a lot of items and functionalities, we have designed a lot of juicy icons to illustrate them all, but they still follow the same vampire / dark forces thematic.

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  • icon-candy
  • icon-backpack
  • icon-map
  • icon-cake
  • icon-broom
  • icon-snowflake
  • icon-schield
  • icon-magic-stone
  • icon-sheep
  • icon-sandwatch
Mavis Dracula

Nice to meet you Mavis!

Please meet Mavis, she will be the first who will be greeting you when you will start to download the application. The main character looked like the obvious choice for the app icon concept.