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We create beautiful designs for businesses to success and develop UX-driven mobile applications.


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UI Design - 2Do App for OS X UI Design - 2Do App for OS X UI Design - 2Do App for OS X

2Do Application

One day we were approached to design new GUI and icon for 2Do app for Mac. The app was already rather successful but the task was to bring it to the new level, making the new great looking design for it.

UI Design - Samsung Soundcamp App for Android UI Design - Samsung Soundcamp App for Android UI Design - Samsung Soundcamp App for Android

Samsung Soundcamp

With a strong background in Artua designing different composing, DJ and another music applications, we are excited to work on a new one for Android platform.

UI Design - Deckadance App for iOS UI Design - Deckadance App for iOS UI Design - Deckadance App for iOS


With a strong background in Artua designing different composing, DJ and another music applications, we are excited to work on a new one for Android platform.


Works for Cisco
Works for Nike Plus
Works for Asus
Works for Plantronics
Works for Beko
Works for Samsung
Works for ImageLine
Works for ZOHO
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Local forecasts in your pocket! Windmaster App
iPhone App Design - Princeton DataWiz Stay within your Data Plan with DataWiz App iPhone App Design - Camera Genius Camera Genius: DSLR in your iPhone App Design - Samsung Soundcamp Perform anywhere on your smartphone! Samsung Soundcamp App design Illustration Design - Nike plus Impress prima facie! Illustration design for Nike Plus Icons design - Plantronics One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. Icons for Plantronics Icon design - Iconfinder Blue way: Blu Icons designed for Iconfinder Icons design - Cisco Why the Number Matters. Icons for CISCO SYSTEMS Illustration design - WAR OF WINGS Soft Lighting and focus on reflections: Illustrations for War of Wings Illustration design - Rescued Start learning in a fun way: Bible illustrations for children Logo design - Slick Studio Reimagine the space ship from 50s! Slick Studio Logo design
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When we started using Artua for some of our graphic work, we initially didn't know what to expect. But after seeing some of the initial work they did for us, we were blown away. They worked closely, presenting us with multiple options to make sure they designed what we liked.

Few years after we started engaging them, we continue to work with them. We were very glad to see them grow. Their passionate team truly deserves the recognition. Great team, great work ethics and truly amazing work.

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist, Zoho

Raju Vegesna

Chief Evangelist, Zoho

We are extremely happy with the quality of Artua's designs. They initially worked on the redesign of our signature application: Camera Genius. Shortly after the redesign, we became a featured app in Apple's essential iPhone Camera Applications. We have continued to work with them on several new projects. On top of their great design skills, Artua is hard working, responsive and easy to work with. I highly recommend them and we will continue to use them for our design work in the future.

Jeff McMorri, Co-Founder, CodeGoo

Jeff McMorris

Co-Founder, CodeGoo

It is a real pleasure to work with Artua. I couldn't be happier with the logo and website they made for me. Just perfect. With Artua, you you can be sure your concept will be grasped right away and there is also the satisfaction of always getting more than you expect. Working with them is a breeze.

Eduardo Fenton

Owner, Slick Studio

I used to design my own app icons initially but I needed something better, something that would be able to grab the attention. Icons are very important for me especially when there are more than a million apps on the App Store. That is when I started looking for a professional graphic designer. After going through the work of several artists, Artua caught my attention. Upon contacting they responded quickly and very soon we started of with the project for my app Superimpose. Now I can say that I am very satisfied with the final results! It came out exactly how I wanted it to be. I wish them all the best and look forward to work with Artua in my future projects.

Pankaj Goswami, Owner, Superimpose

Pankaj Goswami

Owner, Superimpose

When I started working on my iPad sketch app Loose Leaf, I knew I'd need someone who could help me with all of its branding: the website, logo, icon - everything. Artua came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. Their team communicated every step of the process, iterated with me through several possible design directions, and delivered stunning quality from beginning to end. I've since been back for other projects, and I'll continue to refer friends and colleagues for any design work.

Adam Wulf, Founder, LooseLeaf

Adam Wulf

Founder, LooseLeaf

Artua's design work for us has been exceptional in quality. They worked with us on our first gaming title - Baccpo, from a basic design concept through to its completion and launch. Artua are highly professional and hard working, they receive feedback well and are quick to implement any changes we require. They are top of our list for any game design and branding work we require. Highly recommended!

Paul Overton, Founder, AppleJack Gaming

Paul Overton

Founder, AppleJack Gaming

The designers at Artua are masters at communicating complex functionality with simple and beautiful designs. They were able to quickly iterate and sketch concepts and metaphors, taking my clumsy input and turning it into something wonderful. The final product is crisp, beautiful and engaging.

Buck Wilson, Founder, Remotely

Buck Wilson

Founder, Remotely

We chose Artua as a supplier because of their skill set and effective communication and was never disappointed with either during our project with them. They deliver superlative work in a timely fashion, which is a far too rare combination.

Martin Källström, CEO, Memoto

Martin Källström

CEO, Memoto

It's always great to work with a team of designers you know can make that crazy idea you had in your head come to life on the screen. They are masters of their craft.

Daniel Victor, CEO,

Daniel Victor


Artua company creates magic. Give them a brief, they will return with something that blows your mind. He has always exceeded my expectations.

Arthur Kilinski

Art director, Cisco

Artua has always delivered what we wanted and with excellent quality. They are fast and creative and we recommend them as a resource.

Fredrik Forslund, Director, Blancco Group

Fredrik Forslund

Director, Blancco Group

Artua did an outstanding job producing the icon set for our PoliteMail for Outlook software product.

Michael DesRochers, Managing Partner, PoliteMail Software

Michael DesRochers

Managing Partner, PoliteMail Software

I worked with Artua to develop an extensive icon library for Cisco that required many challenging concepts and very high standards for realistic rendering. Artua delivered with flying colors on time and with stunning quality, and I credit them for personally ensuring our satisfaction thanks to his impeccable approach to customer service. I would hire Artua again in an instant.

Jason Wehmhoener, User Experience Designer, Cloudforest LLC

Jason Wehmhoener

User Experience Designer, Cloudforest LLC

I can recommend Artua to anyone who is looking for state-of-the-art, world-class icon design. I have worked with Artua through two major icon design projects at Cisco and at Plantronics and they have delivered outstanding quality, iterated fast and shown patience and flexibility to get it "just so" to make sure everybody on our side was happy. I am looking forward to our next project together!

Hans von Sichart, GE Software

Hans von Sichart

GE Software


We are among those who love what they are doing! GUI development, icons and logos design, illustrations drawing and mobile application development - all these things do inspire us!

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